CO2 Multijet Discharge Nozzles

Discharge nozzle with horn type is used for diffusing CO2 gas to prevent scattering of burning material.
Nozzle material : Brass CZ 121
Horn material : Aluminium alloy

CO2 nozzles in total flooding system should be arrange in the protected space in a manner to ensure equal distribution of CO2 gas during a discharge.



CO2 is a colourless, dry and inert gas. CO2 Vapourises after extinguishing a fire and leaves no residue. It is non-conductive to electricity and non corrosive so it is most suitable for portection of electrical and electronic equipment. CO2 is readily available standard gas this makes it the most costeffective gas extinghuishing system. The exthinguishing effect is achieved by displacement of oxygen so that the atmosphere is incapable of supporting combusting. Typical applications are electrical substations, flammable liquids storage and engine rooms.



Co2 Cylinder 68L

Test Pressure : 250 Bar
Empty Weight : 75 kg
Finishing: Red
Co2 Capacity : 45Kg
Material : Mn Steel Thread 28.8 x 14″ TPI
Filling Ratio : 0.667
Develop Pressure : 50 Bar ( 725psi)@15c , 60 Bar (870psi )@30c , 170Bar (2465psi ) @60c