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The alarm valve is an alarm device designed for installation in a sprinkler system .It is used to actuate a fire alarm when flow of water from the sprinkler system exceeds that of a single sprinkler . When a sprinkler is in operation,the resulting water flow lowers the pressure in the sprinkler system. The greater water supply pressure then causes the alarm valve clapper to open The seat ring opening of the alarm valve allows the water to flow into the alarm line connection which will then operate the alarm gong.

The by-pass connection in the check valve allows pressure surges from the supply to by-pass the alarm valve clapper .An excess system pressure in thus created which steadies the clapper.

A Retard Chamber is used when the water supply pressure fluctuates,such as public main water supply . It is used to prevent false alarms caused by surges or fluctuations in pressure.


We manufacture Rosette Plates of single as well as two piece type based on the Clients requirement
Material of Construction :     Chrome Plated SS or White Powder coated as per the specifications and client requirements

  • Suitable for 1/2″ sprinkler
  • Stainless steel available


Attractive Model HR-1 sprinklers, available in a variety of finishes and matching escutcheons, combine function and beauty as they can match any decor in single or multifamily dwelling units. Our residential sprinklers have a single temperature rating and all have quick response activating elements. The Model HR-1 sprinklers are designed for installation in residential occupancies


The “Automatic” Sprinkler Model HC Adjustable Concealed Spinkler is a pendent sprinkler designed for use with concealed piping systems for those area where an attractive appearance is of primary importance. After installation all that is visible is the small flat cover which is infinitely variable for a full 1/2″. This will compensate for uneven ceiling heights and allow adjustment of the sprinkler cover at any time.